Goldwater Scholarship Informational Meeting

You’re invited to learn more about the Goldwater, in particular, as it seeks math, science, and engineering students. It’s a $10,000 scholarship available to high-achieving students who apply in their sophomore or junior years. The Goldwater looks for students who have done research, who have high GPAs, and who are likely to make a contribution to their field.


The information meeting for the Goldwater scholarship is October 2 at 4:00 p.m. in NRLN S-421. I hope you can attend, but if you can’t please feel free to contact either Deborah Viles,, or Anne Dougherty, You can also find more information on the Top Scholarships website:

Upcoming Academic Workshops open to all students

The ABC’s of Memory

Want to improve your memory? Who doesn’t? Spend some time with us exploring how to improve your memory skills.

Sept 30 (T) 3:30 to 4:30 pm

Fleming 150



Yoga for Every Student: Yoga snacks!

Question: How can yoga help your academic experience?

Answer: Studies show that yoga can enhance your ability to handle stress, influence your attitude—make your brain more open to any learning experience! – Whether you are experienced or not, this is JUST FOR YOU! Simple yoga poses proven to reduce stress & that you can integrate immediately into your life! Even in your classroom! We have mats, or bring your own. Dress in appropriately.

Oct. 3 (F) 3 to 4 pm

Fleming 244


Stress Management (or, “stressed spelled backwards is desserts”)

Stress and anxiety are often synonymous with taking exams. Some anxiety can aid performance, but too much can interfere. Learn tools you can utilize to help you; we will review related study skills strategies and direct calming techniques which can be applied while taking tests. It’s never too early, or too late—be ready for whatever comes your way this semester!

Oct 6 (M) 1 to 2 pm

Fleming 170


From Anthropology to Jewish Studies: How to Study for Social Science Classes

It’s not about knowing the material, but how to apply the information for seminars, tests, and papers! When you find that ‘just reading over’ the subject matter for humanities classes (Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, History, Jewish Studies, Political Science, etc.) doesn’t work for you, you are ready for the next level of learning.  Come for hints, ideas, best practices.  Bring your syllabi and class notes/books to delve deeper into what can help YOU!

Oct 6 (M) 4 to 5 pm

Fleming 150


Let’s Talk: Wednesday walk-ins!

Bring in your question(s) Personalized assistance! Wow! First come, first served!

Wednesday Oct 8, 2 to 4 pm

Fleming 190


Academic Skills Development Series at C4C: Test Taking

Need we say more?

Oct 9 (TH) 2 to 3 pm

C4C N320–The CUE Center


Information: contact Academic Skills Coordinator,, 303-492-8761, Fleming 190


Tutors needed for EBIO 1210 and other courses

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) is a multicultural advocacy and academic program designed to prepare students for success by providing a strong base and support in all areas of student life.

We are looking for tutors in the following areas: Effective: 9/25/2014

MCEN 2063 (Solids)

ECON 3818 (Stats/Comp)

ECON 2020 (Macro

CSCI2270 (Data Struct)

FREN 3110 (Fren Lit)

ARAB 2110

EBIO 1210 (General Bio 1) -1

GEOG 1001 (Env.Sys)

MATH 4470 (Part DifEq)

MATH 2400 (Calc 3)

APPM 3310 (Matrix)


Applicants must:

  • Be a current degree-seeking student at CU-Boulder

(Sorry, we are unable to hire non-students)

  • Have taken this (or similar) course
  • Be a Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student status
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in applicable courses
  • A strong desire to advance study skills and promote excellent academic standards for students is essential.

Pay is $14 per hour for graduate students ($16/hour for group tutoring), $9.50 ($12/hour for group tutoring) for undergraduate students.


All Interested Students can access an application at:

Bring your application to:

Tutor Coordinator, Student Academic Success Center

Fleming 190         303-492-8761 

Interested in Transfering to Engineering?

Engineering IUT Information Session

Thursday, October 2nd from 5pm-6pm

Engineering Center (classroom wing)– ECCR 1B51

New EBIO Statistics Course for Spring: EBIO 1010

Dr. Andy Martin and Dr. Brett Melbourne will be teaching EBIO 1010: Introduction to Quantitative Thinking for Biologists this spring. It will fulfill the Statistics requirement for EBIO, IPHY and MCDB.

Catalog Description:

Focuses on the collection, visualization and analysis of data that are relevant for advancing critical thinking, student-directed learning, and the development of quantitative analysis skills, with an emphasis on using R and examples from ecology and evolutionary biology. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Conservation Biology & Practice in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest–May Study Abroad Program

Earn three EBIO 4000-level credits this May in Brazil’s Atlantic forest on a CU-Boulder Global Seminar. Obtain hands-on experience in the principles and practice of conservation biology. Students from a range of disciplines with an interest in conservation are encouraged to apply. This course fulfills the EBIO 4100 major requirement and ENVS’s application and specialization requirements (also offered as EBIO 5100). Learn more at an informational meeting with the director: Tuesday, Sept. 30, 3:30 – 4:15 p.m. in UMC 247.

For more information:

Michal Greenberg • Michal.Greenberg@Colorado.EDU

Business Minor has spots open for Spring

Each semester, the business minor accepts 150 students. This fall there were approximately 100 students on the waitlist and they have now rolled over to start this spring.

This means that there are only  a few spots for new students interested in starting in Spring 2015. Interested juniors should apply to the business minor as soon as possible. It does take a minimum of three semesters (with no summer options), so juniors would need to start now in order to be able to finish ‘on time’. They will prioritize the waitlist to accommodate those students as well.

The online application is located here. We take applications on a rolling, space available basis and do accept students who are in-progress with the prerequisite (cal or stats w/ C-).

Fall Information Sessions

Wednesday, October 8th
UMC 425

Thursday, October 16th
UMC 425

Monday, October 20th
UMC 425

Tuesday, October 28th

Wednesday, November 5th
UMC 425

Thursday, November 13th


Contact Information:
Koelbel 227


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